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31 декабря 2020

Our directors

It’s time to meet our country managers around the world.

  • Lena Kudinenko

    Director, Z500 East Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus)

    Why our clients, dealers, building companies likes z500? Modern style of cottages, their functionality, ergonomity, and optimum prise of building attract to z500 more and more attention. Best in class quality of visualization of our projects along with video materials also provides great benefits among other architects companies in ex-Ussr countries.

    Z500 East Europe

  • Nikolay Kudinenko

    General Director, Z500 Vostock (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus)

    Z500 provides great projects both on visualition an in drawings. Z500 team of architects and engineers is the best in ex-ussr countries, so it’s very easy to build our houses. We use modern european approaches to house plans that are very comfortable for living. In our projects we also use modern materials that are both energy-efficient and help to save money of our clients. Our clients are very satisfied!

    Z500 East Europe

  • Uroš Fonovič

    General Director, Z500 Adria

    Potential of Z500 system is great when you learn what is the main idea behind. With Z500 international team and professional group of experts from Europe we are building strong community with the same idea and sharing potential of each other to grow in professional and personal level. With synergy of different knowledge, different experiences and international presence, we are becoming leader in constructing business of residential houses.

    Z500 Adria

  • Marcel Kokincak

    General Director, Z500 Slovakia

    Z500 Slovakia, Vám ponúka neobmedzený počet riešeni rodinných domov podľa potrieb každého stavebníka, či už na malé alebo veľké parcely. Z500 Slovakia, Vám dava 670 možnosti riešeni Vašho bývania a to od malých a úsporných cez moderné až luxusné rodinné domy a taktiež aj garáže a hospodárske budovy .

    Z500 Slovakia

  • James Narh Nartey

    General Director, Z500 Norway

    Z500 have the best collection of house plans and visualization I have ever seen. The modern style is popular in Norway right now and we are proud to represent what we believe is the strongest brand in the business.

    Z500 Norway

  • Gediminas Petrauskas

    General Director, Z500 Lithuania

    …reasonable, functional and attractive…
    …fast and easy…
    …simple and provident…
    More than 500 reasons for choosing z500.

    Z500 Lithuania

House Design & Construction Company

Z500 is a modern international architectural company specializing in house design and realization. Z500 house designs are distinguished by attractiveness, practical solutions, professional support and the community of the house investors. Designed houses are created with a focus on construction economics, energy efficiency, aesthetics as well as usability in everyday life.
Z500 means a design, paperwork, credit and construction at one place.
This is the idea for comfortable life.

Complex offer

We provide solutions from the decision of buying the house to its finish works and the purchase of the furniture and equipment.


We design thousands of houses and we cooperate with companies from all continents. We create and support activities all over the world.

We challenge ourselves in order to constantly improve and satisfy your most sophisticated needs.

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